Services Visual Inspections

For Enterprises & Public Sector

Drone inspection services
for faster insights & better decisions.

Improve asset maintenance and workplace safety by leveraging cutting-edge drone solutions. 

Gather high quality asset information
without putting humans at risk.

How it works.

1. Project assessment

Book an online consultation with us. We’ll determine your must- and nice-to-haves.

2. Quote generation

If we’re the right fit, we’ll provide you with a detailed breakdown of our services and project cost.

3. Inspection time

Our drone pilot and visual inspector will travel to your site to perform the needed maintenance routines.

4. Reporting

We’ll hand over all the collected data conveniently gathered in a comprehensive report.

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Other ways to benefit from IZIVIZ

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Custom Solution

Custom drone solution

Capitalize on our long-standing expertise to develop the drone of your dream. We design & manufacture custom-tailored solutions that fully reflect your business, or combat needs.

Drone Training

Drone training

Learn the specifics of flying your drone type to achieve the maximum ROI. You’ll gain valuable skills to fly your drone confidently and safely, no matter the complexity of your missions.

Repair & Maintenance

Drone maintenance

The warranty period is due, but your drone needs help? Turn to IZIVIZ for a thorough health check, quality repair, or other tweaks. Servicing drones other than IZIVIZ too.

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