Services Repair & Maintenance

For Industrial & Military Drones

Drone repair services
from the manufacturer.

Increase the longevity of your drone by requesting timely servicing and health checks.

Putting decade-long expertise
to good use.

How it works.

1. Create ticket

Book an online diagnostic with one of our in-house technicians. We’ll need screens and videos of the issue.

2. Confirm quote

We’ll provide you with an approximate project cost estimation, including both optimistic and realistic scenarios.

3. Ship drone

Send your drone to IZIVIZ. After a thorough on-site diagnostic, we’ll share an accurate estimate for your approval.

4. Enjoy flights

Once confirmed, we’ll proceed with repairs and test flights. The drone is fixed and returned to the owner.

Gave a second life
to hundreds of drones manufactured by.

Autel robotics

Other ways to benefit from IZIVIZ

Custom Solution

Custom drone solution

Capitalize on our long-standing expertise to develop the drone of your dream. We design & manufacture custom-tailored solutions that fully reflect your business, or combat needs.

Drone Training

Drone training

Learn the specifics of flying your drone type to achieve the maximum ROI. You’ll gain valuable skills to fly your drone confidently and safely, no matter the complexity of your missions.

Visual Inspection

You’d like to introduce drone-enabled inspections, but lack resources and expertise for it? Let us do it. We’ll travel to your site with a team of inspectors and the latest gear.

Is your drone still grounded?