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Frequently Asked Questions.

How to create a 3D model from IZIVIZ drone footage?2022-11-02T16:52:16+00:00

Photo and video materials captured by IZIVIZ drones can be used for building 3D models using third-party photogrammetry software like Pix4D.

Pix4D is one of the most popular photogrammetry tools on the market.

Is the flight time of IZIVIZ drones enough for an inspection?2022-11-02T16:51:28+00:00

Yes. Drones for inspecting hard-to-reach and dangerous places are designed primarily for indoor flights. In enclosed spaces, there is no need for a long flight before and after the mission. Practice shows that a flight time of 10-15 minutes is enough for flights in a confined space.

What materials are used in your drones?2022-11-02T16:51:04+00:00

Our drones are made from modern high-tech materials: carbon fiber, aviation aluminum, and plastic. We use the latest technology to create optimally balanced drones in terms of weight and strength to carry out a variety of missions.

How do optical navigation systems work in challenging weather or heavily polluted areas?2022-11-02T16:50:39+00:00

Today, optical systems are vulnerable because they operate in the visible or infrared spectrum. They cannot be used in heavy rain or snowfall, as well as in low light conditions at a considerable distance from any surfaces that can reflect infrared radiation. For flights in the dark, built-in lighting can be used. If lighting is not possible, we have an optical navigation solution using a thermal imaging camera.

What technology allows your drones to fly without a GPS signal?2022-11-02T16:50:19+00:00

For navigation without a GPS signal, we use either one or a combination of the following technologies:

  • machine vision systems based on stereo cameras such as Intel Realsense
  • tracking camera
  • LiDAR
  • OpticFlow
Can your visual inspection drones fly in total darkness?2022-11-02T16:49:06+00:00

Yes, our drones are equipped with LED lighting with a total light output of up to 10Klumens. The lighting allows you to fly comfortably in a dusty environment. It is also possible to use illumination from different points to detect defects that are difficult to distinguish.

Can your drones be used in low temperatures?2022-11-02T16:48:34+00:00

The basic configuration of the drone can be used at temperatures down to -10.

For lower temperature conditions, you will need either an insulated or heated battery, and we can manufacture such a battery by pre-order. If you need a drone for extremely low temperatures – we can also manufacture it by pre-order.

What batteries are used in your drones?2022-11-02T16:48:04+00:00

Our drones use modern LiIo batteries. The design of IZIVIZ drones allows the installation of a wide range of batteries, produced either by third-party manufacturers or IZIVIZ, so that the drone can be used efficiently in different missions.

How much do IZIVIZ drones cost?2022-11-02T16:47:35+00:00

The pricing depends on the drone model you choose. Basic models of UAVs for inspecting indoor, confined assets cost from $10 to 20K, and this is the cost without the payload gear.

Custom-built solutions may cost from $25K, depending on the complexity of the drone design and the uniqueness of your project needs.

What is the idea behind IZIVIZ?2022-11-02T16:46:30+00:00

The idea behind IZIVIZ was born when one of our co-founders saw shocking statistics of fatal accidents caused by working at heights. Sending a robot instead of a human to perform those life-threatening tasks seemed like a reasonable solution.

What experience does IZIVIZ have?2022-11-02T16:46:06+00:00

IZIVIZ has 11 years of experience in developing robotic solutions and UAVs powered by AI-driven software.

Our founding team has a solid background in mechanical and computer engineering, robotics, software development, and heavy industry production.

Does IZIVIZ also provide visual inspections services?2022-10-28T10:47:07+00:00

IZIVIZ is, first of all, a drone manufacturer. Our services include training on flying drones, drone repair & maintenance, and business consulting to validate the technology fit. 

Currently, we’re ramping up a team of certified visual inspectors. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more about team availability.

What services do you provide for free?2022-10-28T10:46:51+00:00

Basic training and warranty service. If you’re interested in ordering a custom-tailored drone, we’ll provide you with a project assessment at no cost.

What makes IZIVIZ stand out from other enterprise & tactical drones?2022-10-28T10:46:26+00:00

First, IZIVIZ drones are not mass-produced but pre-ordered. It means your drone can be custom-built and reflect all of your business needs, and you pay only for the functionality you’ll actually use. 

Second, IZIVIZ offers competitive pricing for high-end technologies. There’s no need to overpay for a famous brand name. 

Third, we have drone models both for indoor and outdoor inspections. Whether you need to inspect a toxic or closed space, a farmer’s field, or go on a surveillance mission, IZIVIZ has the right solution for you.

What affects the price of an IZIVIZ drone?2022-10-28T10:46:01+00:00

The price depends on the drone model and the extent you want to customize your drone. Please contact us for a detailed price breakdown.

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  • The UAV repeats its path back autonomously without GPS
  • Our enterprise drone solutions can carry multiple payloads like LiDAR, dosimeter, thickness gauge
  • Our drones are made-to-order, which means there’s always an option for customization
  • Our drones for inspecting confined & hard-to-reach assets stay in the air for up to 20 mins
  • We offer competitive pricing for the same functionality and high-end, durable materials
  • IZIVIZ visual inspection UAVs have a 180-degree-tiltable camera, opening the view from above and below
  • Besides manufacturing UAVs, we provide servicing, pilot training, and conduct visual inspections

Other drone manufacturers

  • The UAV can’t autonomously return if the GPS signal is lost

  • The number of payloads is often limited, making it difficult to perform a comprehensive inspection in one go

  • Mass-produced drones usually solve only one issue at a time and are not fit for confined areas

  • Similar wireless solutions, such as Elios, offer only 12 mins without any payload mounted on the bay

  • Pricing is often tied to a brand name and is unreasonably high given the design can’t be tweaked to one’s needs

  • Only few manufacturers boast the same extent of environment coverage

  • Not all drone manufacturers provide additional services, which means you’ll need to search for 3d-party providers