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For Government & Commerce

Bespoke drone solutions
perfectly fitted to your needs.

Make the most out of your technology investment with a drone ticking all the boxes on your list. 

Sharing years of expertise
to help you bring your vision to life.

How it works.

1. Feasibility check

Tell us about your concept, and we’ll provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation project assessment. Find out if it’s realistic.

2. Prototype review

Once we agree on all the tech specs, we’ll proceed with designing a product prototype and ask you for a review.

3. Manufacturing & Testing

We build and configure your drone according to our agreement and perform field testing to ensure it’s fully functional.

4. After-sales support

We grant basic training and warranty service. Pro training, repair, and other maintenance services can be ordered too.

Other ways to benefit from IZIVIZ


Drone training

Turn your inspectors into skillful drone pilots with our pro drone flying course. The training will be tailored to your industry challenges and can be held either on your or our site.

Repair & Maintenance

Drone maintenance

The warranty period is due, but your drone needs help? Turn to IZIVIZ for a thorough health check, quality repair, or other tweaks. Servicing drones other than IZIVIZ too.

Visual Inspection

You’d like to introduce drone-enabled inspections, but lack resources and expertise for it? Let us do it. We’ll travel to your site with a team of inspectors and the latest gear.

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