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For Enterprise & Defense Teams

Drone pilot training
for easy & safe flights.

Fly your drone with confidence and peace of mind every single time.

Personalized drone training
for novices and experienced pilots.

How it works.

1. Needs Analysis

You own an IZIVIZ drone and would like to complete a pro course besides the free complimentary training.

2. Education Plan

We consider your drone model, use cases, industry specifics, expectations, and skills to design an individual program.

3. Instruction

We travel to your site and follow the previously agreed agenda. Bite-sized theory combined with hands-on training.

4. Practice

You practice flying your drone, trying various flight modes and data gathering features until you feel confident about it.

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Other ways to benefit from IZIVIZ

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Custom Solution

Custom drone solution

Capitalize on our long-standing expertise to develop the drone of your dream. We design & manufacture custom-tailored solutions that fully reflect your business, or combat needs.

Repair & Maintenance

Drone maintenance

The warranty period is due, but your drone needs help? Turn to IZIVIZ for a thorough health check, quality repair, or other tweaks. Servicing drones other than IZIVIZ too.

Visual Inspection

You’d like to introduce drone-enabled inspections, but lack resources and expertise for it? Let us do it. We’ll travel to your site with a team of inspectors and the latest gear.

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