Replace grueling routines
with a powerful data harvesting tool.

Save lives

  • No more fatal accidents

  • Improved health protection

  • Non-human entry into toxic spaces

Save costs

  • No need in scaffolding

  • Minimum equipment

  • Fewer people on a mission

Save time

  • Faster inspections

  • Reduced downtime

  • Efficient workflows


Trusted by Ukrainian Army

USF winner

100% GPS-free

Inspect confined spaces.

IZIVIZ drones have a multifaceted lighting system that allows them to see in the dark, whereas their small diameter and smart design ensure access to confined, hardly accessible spaces.

Reduce integrity assessment turnarounds while capturing high-quality inspection data in real-time. With IZIVIZ drones, you can reliably examine GPS-denied spaces like:

  • Tanks & boilers

  • Chimneys & cranes

  • Pressure vessels

  • Engine rooms

  • Sewers

Inspect confined spaces
Survey large areas

Survey large areas.

IZIVIZ drones can also be used for aerial surveying. Inspect assets stretched across an extended land, calculate the volume of bulk materials, track construction progress, or map any other surfaces. 

Our drones offer up to one hour of flight time and swappable batteries for uninterrupted missions. IZIVIZ solutions can be used to monitor:

  • Crop fields

  • Water bodies

  • Bridges

  • Power grids

  • Oil & gas pipelines

Empower emergency workers.

Enter contaminated buildings and explore rubbles without putting first responders at risk. Besides a tiltable camera ensuring 260°environment coverage, IZIVIZ drones can be equipped with a thermal imager to ease search and rescue missions.

With HD streaming and 4K video recording, our quadcopters bring order, speed, and data-backed decisions to public safety operations, such as:

  • Disaster management

  • Firefighting

  • Search and rescue

  • Law enforcement

Empower emergency workers
Gain tactical advantage

Gain tactical advantage.

Gather military intelligence without risking soldiers’ lives. With up to 55 minutes in the air, a 30x zoom lens, and the ability to work in dim light, IZIVIZ drones are well-equipped for quality reconnaissance.

Our quadcopters can also make independent flights and drop cargo in predefined coordinates, while IZIVIZ hexacopters can carry up to 10 kg of payload at a distance of 10 km. With our drones, military personnel can:

  • Scout territory

  • Locate the target

  • Adjust artillery fire

  • Drop explosives

Looking for a custom-built drone?

We’ve got you covered. Here is how it works.

1. Tell us about your project

Share what problems you hope to solve with a custom-built drone.

2. Agree on drone design

Choose one of the prototypes we prepared based on your needs.

3. Receive your order

Order shipped in 2 months + free basic training to fly it like a pro.

Designed for indoor & outdoor inspections.

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